Beckett's Breath


1. Faint light on stage littered with miscellaneous rubbish. Hold about
five seconds.
2. Faint brief cry and immediately inspiration and slow increase of light
together reaching maximum together in about ten seconds. Silence and
hold for about five seconds.
3. Expiration and slow decrease of light together reaching minimum
together (light as in 1) in about ten seconds and immediately cry as
before. Silence and hold about five seconds.  Lees verder »

Affiche Palais Paradiso

Affiche van Palais Paradiso, a palace of performance & art projects. Meer informatie over andere optredens en installaties op

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Performances op het podium en toneel op het balkon

door  Selma Knepflé voor De Volkskrant van 21 september 2009  Lees verder »